Share your commitment to ensuring the health and wellbeing for the generations of people and animals affected by the Chernobyl nuclear accident, with something meaningful from our 2020 holiday gift guide.

1. Shop New Merchandise at the Clean Futures Fund Store

When you shop at the Clean Futures Fund store, 100% of the profits funds the care of the people and animals still experiencing the impact of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident. New holiday items include ornaments and puzzles!

2. Virtual Adoption (with last-minute delivery options*)

Your support of Dogs of Chernobyl keeps over 700 stray dogs and cats safe, warm, fed and healthy. You provide them with the best quality of life possible in the Exclusion Zone and nearby town of Slavutych. In addition to a one-time or recurring donation, you can virtually adopt a Dog or Cat of Chernobyl.

*See below for last-minute delivery options.

3. Give the Gift of Giving: A Donation in Their Name*

Make a donation in honor of someone special, and you will receive an email certificate to send to them, or you can print it to give to them at your holiday celebrations. *See the end of this email for last-minute delivery options.

*See below for last-minute delivery options.

*Last minute delivery options: All Guardian and Hero level virtual adoption orders placed in December will receive an emailed digital certificate and image, in addition to the mailed packets.

To receive digital certificate by:Make your donation by:
December 7th, 5pm CST
December 12, 5pm CST
December 18, 5pm CST
December 24, 5pm CST
December 26, 5pm CST
December 31, 5pm CST
December 7th, 12pm CST
December 12, 12pm CST
December 18, 12pm CST
December 24, 12pm CST
December 26, 12pm CST
December 31, 12pm CST