The medical care required to help these children combines medications, rehabilitation, therapy, surgery and often complex treatments for those with more serious conditions.  For some of our children, a single medical operation can change their entire life, for others – the need is for ongoing therapy, rehabilitation and expensive medications.

Many of our children require complicated medical operations, some of which cannot be provided in Ukraine – like Roman F., 14, who urgently needs a heart transplant or Kamilla A., 6, who has many complications with her spinal cord and needs to travel to South Korea for diagnosis and treatment.

One of the children admitted into the program, Kirill T., was a 2-year old boy with leukemia who required a bone marrow transplant – an operation that would have cost over $150,000 USD to provide.  Sadly,  Kirill passed away after fighting this vicious disease before the funds could be raised for his medical care.  Kirill and his family remain in our thoughts and constantly provide us with a stark reminder of how much our work and your help is truly needed.