Kamila A. is a 6-year old girl that lives in Slavutych, Ukraine, the worker-city for the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant.  Kamila loves to sing, dance and play with her toys.  You might look at her and think she is like any other healthy 6-year old girl who can run and play and dream about what she wants to be when she grows up.  But sadly, she can’t do any of that right now.

Kamila lives in Slavutych, Ukraine, the worker-city for the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant –  the site of the world’s worst nuclear power disaster. Kamila’s family is from Armenia, they are part of the next generation living in the legacy of the catastrophe. Her grandparents moved to Slavutych shortly after the nuclear accident and were hired to work as liquidators, like many others who came from all corners of the Soviet Union, to help clean up the radioactive contamination that left tens of thousands of lives torn apart. The devastating radioactivity that still affects the lives of those living in the aftermath today and for hundreds of years to come.

Kamila suffers from the degradation of her C2 and C3 vertebrae and she is in constant pain. She is unable to touch her heels to the ground when she stands or walks which leaves her confined to a wheelchair most of the time. She is not able to open her mouth, which makes eating not only difficult, but also often dangerous since she must suck food between her teeth, an adaptive mechanism that often leads to choking.

Kamila lives with her parents and grandparents in a modest 2-bedroom apartment. She sleeps and eats in the living room, her entire life is spent in this one room, the couch is her bed. Until she is able to get treatment for her condition, she has no ability to access any other parts of her home on her own.

Unfortunately, Ukraine does not have the medical resources to treat Kamila’s complex situation. Her family loves her and provides her with the best life they can afford; however, even with their combined income they could never begin to be able to pay for the extensive, international medical intervention she needs.

After Kamila’s case was referred to Clean Futures Fund directly from the General Director of the Chernobyl NPP, Igor Gramotkin, we were able to locate specialists in Seoul, South Korea at the National University Bundang Hospital who have the expertise and willingness to take Kamila as a patient.  In South Korea, she will meet with neurologists, orthopaedists and traumatologists.  The diagnostics will allow doctors to develop a treatment and rehabilitation plan for Kamila and examine surgical options for her rare condition. There is great HOPE that she will regain full use of her jaw, be able to walk normally, and live a pain-free life

Can you imagine not being able to give your child the life saving treatments she needs to live a normal life?  We can’t. There are no other options for Kamila and we NEED your HELP.