Virtual Adoption of Dogs and Cats of Chernobyl

Since 2017, in partnership with SPCA International, we have invested in the humane management of the stray cat and dog population in Chernobyl.  Since our intervention, the killing of healthy animals has stopped.

To help cover the cost of care for these strays, you’re invited to virtually adopt the dogs and cats of Chernobyl.  Your ‘adoption fee’ will fund the care and treatment of all animals in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone under the annual Dogs of Chernobyl program.

Virtual Adoption Levels

When you complete your virtual adoption, you will receive:
US$15 – Ambassador Level: Emailed digital Adoption Certificate and a digital image of your adopted stray.
US$50 – Guardian Level: Mailed physical Adoption Certificate and a 4×6 framed image of your adopted stray.
US$100 – Hero Level: Mailed physical Adoption Certificate,4×6 framed image of your adopted stray, and a Dogs of Chernobyl notebook.

Click on the Donate button below to activate your Virtual Adoption!

Virtually Adopt Dogs of Chernobyl

Virtually Adopt Cats of Chernobyl

You will choose your adopted stray by name after you click on “Donate” to the left.

Why Virtually Adopt Dogs and Cats of Chernobyl?

Annually, in June, volunteer veterinarians and veterinary nurses converge upon the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone to conduct a health and wellness campaign involving vaccination and spay/neuter of these animals.

The lives of these dogs and cats is hard as they search to find food and water every day; avoid predation from wild animals; find shelter during the harsh Ukranian winters; and fight preventable disease.

Your investment in the medication and other supplies needed for these clinics has stopped preventable deaths.  You give these animals healthier safer lives, and keep the public safe from dangerous diseases like rabies.  In addition, you fund the year-round supplies needed by the local caretakers to feed and shelter these dogs.