CFF was founded in 2016 by Erik Kambarian and Lucas Hixson.  Erik and Lucas traveled to Ukraine in 2013, 2015, and 2016 as official visitors of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant with a group of professionals with backgrounds in nuclear energy and emergency response. During their time in “the Zone”, Erik and Lucas developed strong relationships and friendships with Chernobyl workers that still have decades of remediation work ahead of them.  Each subsequent visit opened their eyes to the myriad challenges faced on a daily basis, the working conditions in and around the area, and the support services necessary to take care of a generational workforce and their families.

“We realized that most if not all of these issues aren’t just limited to the Chernobyl.” says Lucas, “Rather these are systemic issues faced when responding to severe industrial accidents or managing long-term cleanup programs.  There are always going to be problems managing the budget, there will always be sacrifices made, but there will also always be an opportunity for the international community to step in and help.”