Clean Futures Fund provides direct financial assistance for families that cannot afford to pay for surgeries, medical treatments, recovery, therapeutic and rehabilitative services, as well as medications.  All funds donated to the Children’s Health Program are used in providing direct assistance and care to these affected families.

Dr. Viktoria Beznoshchenko, MD

Families with sick children are interviewed by Dr. Viktoria Beznoschenko MD, who collects information on the medical conditions, the current needs, and then researches the appropriate medical options available for each case.  This information is transmitted to Clean Futures Fund, who reviews each individual case and meets with each family to gather detailed information to create a detailed profile of each child including familial history and medical documentation.

Each case is reviewed by CFF and medical experts and to review the potential options and outcomes available.  All funds are distributed to the cases that are determined to have the highest priority.

Many of the much needed medical services are not provided locally in Slavutych, requiring children and their parents to travel as far as Kiev, Borispol or Odessa and sometimes the costs of transportation, lodging and food can be as much as the medical treatment itself.  Because of the high concentration of patients in the local area and the difficulties with travelling hours to have access to these medical treatments, CFF has decided to cooperate with local officials and medical facilities to improve the care in the region.